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Experiential Film & VR

Inspiring Immersive Experiences in Training

 The Immersive Behavioral Safety Training Company

The people behind the name have decades of combined experience producing, directing, writing, shooting film with the specialty being  3D VR behavioral training programs. We have developed technologies and methods that run against the current safety programs, yet our  results surpasses anything seen to date. Knowing the need for quality training programs, we are proud of our exceptional immersive 3D and VR programs and the documented results achieved.

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Screenshot-2017-9-28 AlterTraining_V2 pd

"We invented Immersive 3D Training back in 1999 for a Boeing Aircraft safety program"

  Charles Booth, 3Detroit Producer

What We Do

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Charles Booth
Immersive Producer & Director

The Immersive Team

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Jim Piechocki
Writer & Instructional Designer
Dr. John Selby
PhD Psychologist & Author

Our Clients


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Business     248-563-4248

Production 248-561-1726

2385 N. Pine Center

West Bloomfield, MI 48323

United States


3Detroit has over 20 years of  experience in 3D Immersive Behavioral Training. Our numerous projects for the Department of Defense and its various branches have demonstrated an accelerated learning process that also increased long term retention of subject matter utilizing our proprietary immersive training process. The result is a catalyst for change in people’s habits.  The viewer is immersed through a physical, technological connection containing content that is more impactful than anything currently in the marketplace.

Post Production  & Applications

3Detroit produces immersive interactive training content including 360 and 180 Stereoscopic VR  and CG  content specific for Behavioral Training and special applications. This  includes the entire post  production, conforming, editing , interactive programming, test, and survey components to deliver the most effective training experience.The AlterSpace platform and SDK is  a vehicle for VR experiences and interactive content distribution for a fully immersive stereoscopic virtual user interface.

VR & 3D Displays

3Detroit over the years has developed VR displays for the Department of Defense, NASA, Boeing, Ford and others. Partnering with leading manufacturers and focused on the creation of wide field-of-view 3D Stereoscopic Head Mounted  and Heads Up Displays for Virtual and Augmented Reality for multiple industries. We now integrate Bio-metric capture features into the latest headsets for data-driven insights and predictive analytics.

3Detroit is a licensed re-seller for StreamTV and it's Ultra-D proprietary 3D technology (viewing without glasses) that can be used for PCs,  TVs and tablets displays. Professional applications of the technology are enormous as they  apply to medical, military and many other industrial fields.


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Data & Analytics

3Detroit provides easy access to download content on various experience plans. The AlterSpace allows customers to upload and store their private data sets and content in the Virtual private  secure and compliant repository where users can collaborate, share, and explore their own content. We also offer  custom dashboards inside the AlterSpace providing key statistics of participants such as usage, viewing frequency, attention, test results, viewing heat maps, and demographics.

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Ted Rittinger
Project Development
Paul Paz.jpg
Paul Pazurchowski
Project Director
Jim P.jpg
Jim Piechocki
Creative Writer & Director
Tedpic 02_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Ted Rittinger
CFO & Business Development
Manuel Guiteriez
Chief Technical Officer
Jim Carbonetti
3D Cinematoghrapher & VFX
Tracy O'Brien Booth
Assistant Producer
Paul Parzuchowski
Project Director
Louise Marie Booth
Art Director